Edge Magazine

The Edge is a new RAID communications concept that includes a newsletter and a free digital magazine.

The Edge magazine and newsletter have been designed to be as inclusive as possible. The Edge is NOT a professional-only publication. It is a publication for all - those wanting to become divers, certified divers, divemasters, instructors, instructor trainers and dive centers - regardless of agency.

RAID has drawn from both industry experts and our own in-house expertise, to deliver what today's diver needs.
The Edge Magazine is a content and image rich digital-only publication, and subscription carries no cost or obligation.

Inside, readers will find industry news, articles on global destinations, kit reviews, interviews and tips on becoming a more accomplished diver—no matter what your interest.
Regular features include:

Question and Answers with notable industry characters.
Travel the world with feature articles on global dive destinations.
Receive hints and tips on how to improve your dive skills with our senior RAID instructional team.
Useful tips on underwater photography.
Equipment reviews.
RAID Training Updates including new course releases, updates, standards changes etc.

The magazine can be viewed live and can be downloaded to your device by opening the magazine in the window at the bottom of this page. To download click the download link (⤓) which is embedded in the viewer window on the top left of the screen.


The Edge Newsletter will be sent to subscribers monthly. On rare occasion, we may send a newsletter out of schedule, outlining training updates that need to be implemented by RAID professionals.

The newsletter will contain information on:
The launch of new training programs.
Any innovative technology that throws a new light on the way we dive.
Expedition news.
Relevant media releases that you should know about.

RAID invites everyone to enjoy these publications, no matter what level diver or what agency you dive with.

To receive future copies of the magazine and newsletter directly to your inbox, please click the link in the graphic below.

o please enjoy your free copy of the Edge, and don't forget to share the magazine with all your buddies.


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