Surf Survival Instructor



The RAID Surf Survival Instructor course is an upskill course for WSF Instructors. On this course Instructors develop and acquire the proper skills and knowledge to partake in teaching the Surf Survival course enabling students to feel more relaxed and safe when being held underwater by waves when surfing.

Teaching the Academics

This is the theory or academic section, which any person may take and complete, followed, without obligation.

When you purchase this programme on-line you are effectively purchasing the access for 6 months to the theoretical content, knowledge reviews and exam for this professional level of Freediver training, which consists of downloadable PDF manuals with detailed information.

There is such a wealth of information in these comprehensive manuals and is well worth the cost alone!
RAID provides you with more information and knowledge development than any Instructor led lectures only or short video can provide in a limited time period generally offered.

Purchase this course and you will receive the comprehensive academic training package, without the need to complete the practical session (no obligation).

The on-line academic training package includes:
PDF Manuals
Quick Quiz and Exam (open book)
6 month access to manuals (can download)


Upon successfully passing the course you receive:

International Recognized Freediving Instructor Certification
On-line logbook
RAID Surf Survial Instructor certification E or C-card
Unrestricted access to manuals

Remember you can purchase the manuals now without any obligation to complete the practical training!

We must point out that the practical training cost is not included in the online fee. This cost must be discussed between yourself and the appointed RAID Dive Centre / Instructor who will complete the practical training.

PREREQUISITES for Certification

Certified RAID Freediving Instructor or equivalent.
To be a minimum of 18 years old.
If you are already registered go to RAID ONLINE STORE in your login and purchase your course.
The above is subject to the RAID General Diving Standards and change without notice.




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