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How to Register and Activate the Programme.

The e-learning programme is divided into 3 sections, applying to the RAID Student, Instructor and Dive Centres respectively.


Firstly, add the following contact details to your email address book:

 Go to the top left hand box saying LOGIN.

Click on the Register box - complete Step 1 by filling in your personal information: Name & address. Then click on Register Me.
Wait for a computer generated confirmation email back to you, before proceeding to Step 2 & 3 (Medical Statement and Liabilities).
Once Step 2 & 3 are completed, go to the LOGIN & type in your own email address & computer generated password, & then click on the Login box.
My e-Training Menu pops up, click on RAID Online Store & buy your courses.
Courses include: your training manuals which can be downloaded and printed out if necessary; quizzes; exam; you can view all the skills covered in your pool & open water/sea training, and there is a Skills List for you to sign off so you don't miss any in water skills. Then activate your own on-line log book.
To Choose a RAID Dive Centre: click on My Profile, My Dive Centre, and follow the notes. Email your chosen Dive Centre to book your in water training, pay an additional training fee, then complete your course.
Your Certification Fee is included/paid for when you purchase your course on-line.


In this section instructors are able to view student progress; confirm completed student in water skills; get the latest training updates, documentation and post comments.

For example: You can live & teach in Florida and your chosen Dive Centre can be in New York:

Go to the top left hand box saying LOGIN and login using your account username and password.
Once logged in click on My Students on the right hand side of the screen.
Once the dive centre has registered students to your name you can see: student details; student's medical form; how much of the course they have completed; the Skills Sign off list.
You also have an on-line logbook and personal documents at hand.


RAID Dive Centres (chosen by the student) will appoint a RAID instructor, through their own Dive Centre login section and at anytime be able to monitor, on-line in real time, the progress of the student and instructor throughout the academic and in water training.

Remember: Instructors don't have to live & teach in your area.

Go to the top left hand box saying LOGIN and login using your previously provided username and password.
Once logged in click on My Students on the right hand side of the screen.
You will see all your assigned instructors; the students and their training progress.
Click on the icons to either: email the student; view his medical forms; view his training graph; and finally sign off his in water skills once the instructor has signed them off.
Click on My Instructors & Divemasters to see the Professionals linked to you.

RAID Dive Centres have complete management capability in regard to the appointment of RAID instructors. Dive Centres get the latest training documentation; post in-house instructor updates and comments.



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