Introduction to Freediving


Freediving offers serious excitement and serious fun; Freediving is one of the fastest growing unique water sport and leisure activities, in the world today.
The Freediving philosophy is irresistible, it is one of enjoyment and relaxation, it promotes health and fitness based lifestyle and everyone can embrace Freediving and benefit from the amazing pleasures of the underwater world.

Whether it is at depths of 5 meters or well beyond, Freediving is accessible to all ocean enthusiasts. Open your passport to an underwater lifestyle filled with adventure and excitement, Freediving gives you total freedom of movement underwater and the possibility of allowing you to move like our friendly marine mammals in a completely natural way. Now you can swim with the dolphins and interact with the ocean creatures in a way we could only dream of before.
From clear inland lakes to the crystal blue warm oceans of the tropics Freediving will allow you endless options for underwater exploration.

RAID's highly qualified and experienced instructors have a commitment to excellence, and train people within each person's limitations, developing and achieving confidence in their own abilities.

The underwater world is a foreign realm. It is not a hostile environment, just a different one and humans are welcome there, but only as visitors, and only as long as we obey the rules.
Fatalities or even serious injuries are extremely rare. Freediving is actually one of the safer and adventurous leisure activities.

If you're terrified of marine creatures, don't be. Learn about them and dispel your fears. Years of misinformation on television and the movies have given many people an unwarranted fear of our oceans' inhabitants. The timid octopus, gentle whalesharks, and giant squid among others, have all been portrayed as terrors of the deep! The reality is that none of them are a threat to humans. Even the shark, the most dreaded of all sea predators, is not quite the terror Hollywood would have us believe.

The fact is that your chances are far greater of dying from bee stings than from being attacked by a shark! Most shark attacks happen by mistake and are more often on swimmers and surfers than divers. The shark mistakes the surfer or swimmer for a seal or injured fish and oops, it bites. Although that bite hurts, (fortunately) we don't taste good to sharks. When you're down in the water with them, you're usually perceived as a neighbour, not dinner.

There are marine creatures that can be hazardous to your health. They are usually small, timid creatures who will gladly leave you alone as long as you return the courtesy. Sometimes, just being able to identify them is helpful.

Most divers happily observe one simple rule - never dive alone. Diving is a group activity. Dive clubs and groups of friends travel together, stay at resorts, charter boats, and party together. While diving teaches self reliance, it produces a unique camaraderie, a special pleasure at having shared an emotionally and intellectually powerful experience.


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