Do I have to have any previous diving certification experience to do the WSF Freediver course?


Can I start the RAID course before I contact a Dive Centre?

Yes, just log on and follow the registration procedures.

Do I have to have a dive buddy?

No, you will probably meet one during the in water training.

Do I have to complete all the academic learning before I contact a Dive Centre?

No, you can contact a RAID Dive Centre from the list, anytime before, during or after your academic on-line learning.

Do I have to complete the in water training at my local Dive Centre?

You can choose any RAID Registered Dive Centre for your in water training.

From the time I register until I get certified, how long do I have?

6 months.

Can my family register for one course and we all get certified?

You can register for one course, and you will only get one certification. Each member of the family must earn his/her own certificate.

Do I have to fully complete one programme before I can start the next academic learning programme?

You can register for as many academic on-line programmes as you like, although you need to meet the prerequisites prior to any in water training.

What happens if after 6 months I have not had time to get certified?

You need to re-register and start again as a lot of information may have been forgotten and revision is always safe.

What is the minimum age?

12 years to become a RAID WSF Freediver, and 16 years for Level 3 and above.

Can I complete confined water with one Dive Centre and Open Water training with another?

Yes, you may want to do confined water locally, and travel to a tropical island for your open water.

Can I go directly to the exam, without completing the Quick Quiz?

No, the quick quiz is an important prerequisite.

How many times can I attempt the exam?

10 times, then if you don't pass you need to contact your Dive Centre for additional help.

Can I have someone to help me when I write the Quick Quiz and Exam?


Can I print out the PDF's from the academic presentation sections?


What happens when I have finished the course and get certified, do I still have access to view the relevant course material?

Yes. You are a life-long member.

Can I register for WSF Advanced Freediver while I am working through WSF Freediver?


Is the RAID e-learning training programme only in English?

There are various languages. Further languages will follow.

Cross overs: if I am already a certified Freediver with another agency?

Simple - read through the various levels of education and if you meet all the prerequisites then you may "cross over" at that particular level. In other words to enter any level in the RAID system the diver needs to meet all the prerequisites before registration and must provide documentation to the RAID Dive Centre and RAID Instructor when enrolling to complete the in water training section.

If I get any questions wrong, will the correct answers be provided to me?

YES - all the answers are in the manuals for investigation. There are many educational methods. The method RAID is employing is not for memory retention but for comprehension of a subject that requires understanding and investigation (open book quiz) and the ability to apply these with other cognitive skills to develop a diver to apply the understanding to survival skills ie diving. Basic memory retention without comprehension will not help a diver learn survival skills.


I am a Freediving Instructor and want to become a RAID WSF Freediving Instructor?

Certified Freediving  instructors from any recognised dive agency may cross over on-line to become a RAID Freediving Instructor (subject to General Diving Standards). Example: You must complete on-line academic portion of the RAID WSF Freediver, Advanced Freediver and Instructor. The practical skills will be credited.

Do I have to give up my existing instructor status with other organisations?


As a RAID instructor, do I need civil liability insurance?


As a RAID instructor, do I have to work through a RAID Dive Centre?

Yes, as the Dive Centre will do the final signing of the certification on-line - see below.

What if I am a RAID Instructor, and there is no RAID Dive Centre in my area?

The way the programme is designed requires there to be a RAID Dive Centre managing both the training and final certifications. So choose the next closest RAID Dive Centre to you.

Can a student register on-line, through a Dive Centre only?

A student can register on-line through a Dive Centre or by him/herself, and then choose a Dive Centre listed.

Does the Dive Centre have to pay registration fees?

Yes, refer to General Diving Standards for fees.




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